Vessel services


Ship Service Coordinators

Ship Service Coordinator, Vuosaari, Kilpilahti, Porvoo, Loviisa and Kotka

Niklas Peltola
+35810 349 3109

Ship Service Coordinator, Helsinki, Hanko and Inkoo

Jaakko Aarninsalo
+35810 349 3110

Ship Service Coordinator, Turku and Naantali

Maisa Kuikka-Ucar, Ville Wainio (part time)
+35810 349 3111

Books and movies

Finnish Seamen's Service provides library services to Finnish merchant fleet and to foreign flag vessels with a special service agreement.

When visiting other ports in Finland, the ships can contact our Head Office or local contact persons.

The main part of our books is in Finnish and Swedish, but we also have a selection of English, Estonian and Russian books.

Our large collection of DVD and Blu-Ray movies offers you service free of charge. Our collection also includes popular Finnish and foreign series.


Packages to the vessels

24 pieces of DVD-or Blu-Ray-movies, loan period 1 month.

24 pieces of books, loan period 3 month.


Exchanging packages

The Finnish Seamens' Service offices in Helsinki and Turku

The Finnish Seamen' Mission in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg

Questions? Please contact

Ella Mustamo
+3589 668 90020


Finnish Seamen Service´s support to the occupational well-being activities


FSS supports crewmembers freetime activities while vessel is staying in the harbour in Finland or abroad. 


Year 2023 FSS can support 100 euro / vessel with transport to the activity and back to ship. Crewmembers can plan the activity and make suggestion to the FSS beforehand. 


As a compensation to the support vessels crew can write an article to FSS:s magazine or social media with photos. 


FSS will ask the receipts of the activity then pay the costs afterwards. 


FSS also provides forest hiking activities/trips especially to the non-EU crewmembers. More information from the Ship Service Manager.


Maisa Kuikka-Ucar

Ship Service Manager

tel. +35810 349 3111